From the early 1990’s Sumo Wagyu foundation genetics have formed the basis of more than 80% of legendary Australian Wagyu operations and have been remarked over the years as producing herd superstars in both Australian and overseas ventures.

Sumo Wagyu genetics core ability to deliver a premium balance in Milk, carcass Weight and Marbling performance traits is what makes their animals so unique. This delicate balance is not only extremely difficult to achieve but requires a systematic assessment, recording and in-depth knowledge of Japanese bloodlines and genetics for over 3 decades to achieve the required outcomes.

Our heifers give new or already established Wagyu breeders and investors around the world, the opportunity to experience the genetic power and future reliability of Sumo genetics to deliver profitable results.

Contact us directly for any enquiries on our female livestock at: enquiries@sumowagyu.com or call 0438 200 294.

Sumo Wagyu Heifers, PTIC to some of Sumo’s best Elite Sires available for you now. Prices ex GST and livestock is located at our farm in Grafton, NSW, Australia. Transport of livestock not included.

GROUP 3 – $6,000 each ($30,000 Package)

  • SMOFS0388 Sumo Dai 2 Kinntou S388 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0051)
  • SMOFS0346 Sumo Hikokura S346 (AI Sire – SMOFF0154)
  • SMOFS0478 Sumo Dai 2 Kinntou S478 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0051)
  • SMOFS0102 Sumo Hikohime S102 (AI Sire – SMOFF0154)
  • SMOFS0497 Sumo Kensei S497 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0085)

GROUP 4 – $7,000 each ($35,000 Package)

  • SMOF22T0184 Sumo Aizakura 22T184 (AI Sire – SMOFF0154)
  • SMOF23U008 Sumo Dai 2 Kinntou U008 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0051)
  • SMOF22T0050 Sumo Hikokura 22T0050 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0085)
  • SMOF22T0118 Sumo Hikokura T118 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0085)
  • SMOFS0236 Sumo Hikohime S236 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0051)

GROUP 5 – $7,000 each ($35,000 Package)

  • SMOFS0266 Sumo Chiyotake S266 (AI Sire – SMOFF0126)
  • SMOF22T0034 Sumo Hikohime 22T0034 (AI Sire – SMOFF0154)
  • SMOFS0242 Sumo Aizakura S242 (AI Sire – SMOFF0126)
  • SMOFS0472 Sumo Aizakura S472 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0051)
  • SMOF22T0116 Sumo Kensei 22T116 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0051)

GROUP 6 – $7,000 each ($35,000 Package)

  • SMOFS0258 Sumo Hikohime S258 (AI Sire – SMOFP0647)
  • SMOF22T0398 Sumo Aizakura 22T398 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0085)
  • SMOF22T0382 Sumo Hikohime 22T382 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0051)
  • SMOF22T0388 Sumo Suzutani 22T388 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0085)
  • SMOF23U026 Sumo Chiyotake U026 (AI Sire – SMOFF0154)

GROUP 7 – $7,000 each ($35,000 Package)

  • SMOF22T0360 Sumo Dai 2 Kinntou 22T360 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0085)
  • SMOFS0400 Sumo Hikohime S400 (AI Sire – SMOFF0154)
  • SMOF22T0292 Sumo Dai 2 Kinntou T292 (AI Sire – SMOFP0647)
  • SMOFS0393 Sumo Hikokura S393 (AI Sire – SMOFF0126)
  • SMOF22T0140 Sumo Aizakura 22T140 (AI Sire – SMOFQ0085)

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