Embryo transfer is a time efficient and economical solution to growing your fullblood herd numbers.

As a market leader in Wagyu genetics, Sumo Wagyu operates one of the largest embryo transfer operations in Australia, with more than 70 elite fullblood donors regularly flushed to collect embryos for both domestic and international sale. Our embryos are collected from donor females that are very well-balanced and with high EBV’s (estimated breeding values) in both marble score and carcass weight and sired by Sumo Wagyu’s most proven sires.

When making our decisions on mating, Sumo has always had the philosophy of using pedigrees, “ideally blending the 3 strains of black Wagyu” (Tajima, Shimane, Tottori) to produce balanced progeny. The majority of Sumo’s cattle are 60% Tajima and 40% Shimane/Tottori (approximately). The main focus is on establishing a good maternal foundation with dominant Shimane/Tottori bloodlines that will produce large carcass weights and milk production, while maintaining a good base for marbling.

Donor females can then be mated to high Tajima bulls with elevated marble score EBV’s to produce perfectly balanced progeny with size, milk, and high marbling capabilities. For a comprehensive list of embryos that are currently available, please contact us at: enquiries@sumowagyu.com or phone 07 3715 6602. For International enquiries, please visit our International page or contact us directly at enquiries@sumowagyu.com

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