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Do you need some help in selecting genetics that will provide you with the strongest foundation for your future fullblood Wagyu herd?

Sumo Wagyu genetics are world renowned due to their ability to deliver a balance in genetic performance, with very high marble scores, along with good foundation carcass weights and milk. As these are the traits (marbling, weight and milk) that a Wagyu producer relies upon: milk, to successfully raise quality cattle, OR are paid a market premium upon (marbling and weight), we consider these of utmost importance.

Wagyu cattle are one of the hardiest breeds to run in Australia. They adapt to almost any environment, from high temperature extremes in Western Queensland, to snow and frosts in Southern Australia. With origins that stem back to being used as working cattle in Japan (ploughing rice fields) they have proven themselves to be extremely resilient.

They have beautifully quiet temperaments, making them easily handled for people either new to cattle grazing, or an experienced stock manager. Known as the premium marbling breed, producers are rewarded for quality. All of Sumo Wagyu’s Elite sires have proven carcass data and any progeny carrying the Sumo name / or Sumo genetics, are highly regarded and readily accepted by breeders.

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