Annual Sales

NEXT BULL SALE - August 2024

8 Four Farms Lane, Southgate NSW

Thank you to everyone that joined us for our Annual Bull Sale on Tuesday 8th August 2023. Whether you were at the farm, or bidding on-line, we appreciate your support.

Top sale of the day – Lot 3 $101,000 Sumo Michifuku S211 to Penstock Pastoral, Vic.

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Biosecurity is important to us here at Sumo Wagyu. We believe in good biosecurity practices, whereby at all entry points to the property, we reduce the potential risk for the introduction of infectious diseases and/or noxious plants onto our property. You will also help protect other herds and businesses by preventing the unwanted spread of diseases, pests, or plants.


When attending our farm at Grafton, please ensure your vehicle, all clothing and footwear is clean. Please remove all soil, animal, and plant material. If required, scrub the items with soap and water, and allow the item to dry.

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James Matts, Wagyu Specialist


P: 0421 063 501

Live auction interfaced online with Elite Livestock Auctions.

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