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Premium genetics key to a bright Wagyu future

Premium genetics key to a bright Wagyu future

The secret is out – Wagyu is the hottest breed in the livestock industry leading to a bright export future.

With 30% growth per annum expected over the next 5 years, Wagyu joinings are anticipated to rise from 300,000 to 820,000 by 2020.

Superior genetics are the imperative to ensure higher quality and premium carcases are maintained.

The market requirement in 2020 is for 4,500 quality fullblood bulls with excellent Estimated Breeding Values including fullblood terminal index, marbling & carcase weight.

Sumo Wagyu is concentrating on producing these quality genetics to service a growing market. Seventy top donor cows have been selected for our specialised embryo transfer programs. These cows have been chosen based on frame, milking ability and quality genetics to produce elevated Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s).

This breeding program is set to produce approximately 200 embryos per month or 2,500 elite embryos per year.

1000 of these embryos will be offered for sale, with the remainder being implanted into recipients to continue quality seed stock production for the Sumo herd.

Sumo Wagyu continues to supply premium genetics to the Wagyu industry in Australia and overseas. Superior genetics are offered to the market to improve the breed rather than keeping them entirely within the Sumo herd.

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