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New records achieved by Sumo genetics at Auctions Plus Australian Wagyu Association International sale May, 2017.


Considered by many to be one of the most impressive sires alive in the western world today – Sumo Michifuku F126’s [SMOFF0126] dominance has achieved record results at the recent elite Wagyu sale, 3rd May 2017.

Auction Plus listed Lot 11, for a heifer in utero (4 months gestation) from donor Macquarie Wagyu BDWFD2041 and sired by Sumo Michifuku F126 sold for a record breaking result of $95,000.00.

This mating was estimated to produce the highest Fullblood Terminal Index for any registered fullblood female in the western world at +$566.

This female ranks highly due to Sumo Michifuku F126’s superior estimated breeding values of carcase weight +15kg and marble score +2.4 and a fullblood terminal index of +$585.

The excellence in breeding of F126 comes from a strong Monjiro bloodline, considered by Japanese breeders to be one of their most outstanding Tajima sires.

This trait was personally identified by Dr Simon Coates the Director of Sumo Wagyu who was privy to a carcase competition at the Tokyo meatworks in 2001. The results of the carcase competition were convincing, with half of all prize-winning carcases originating from this high marbling Tajima sire.

Actions Plus also recorded Lot 14, a package of six export embryos sired by Sumo Michifuku F126 achieving a result of $2,800.00 per embryo. These embryos were backed by the consistency of this sire to deliver progeny with the top 1% ranking for marble score EBV and top 1% ranking for fullblood terminal index.

The overall results achieved at the Elite Wagyu Actions Plus sale have certainly shone a spotlight on the integrity and quality of genetics that the Australian Wagyu industry has to offer. It has also undoubtedly highlighted that buyers are responding to a reliance on EBV and fullblood terminal index figures to justify price.

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